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Keep skin calm, cool and collected with our Cicapair™ Tiger Grass collection ? Centella Asiatica Complex works to speed up our skin’s natural healing process ?#regram @sephoraitalia #drjart#cicapair

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New V7 Antioxidant Serum contasnapchat 7 essential vitamsnapchat plus fruit extracts to feed your complexion all the nutrients it needs. Basically, it’s like a supercharged smoothie for your skin. ??? @sephora #drjart#v7

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Wake up to brighter, smoother under eyes with Focuspot™ Dark Circle Micro Tip Patch. Our innovative self-dissolving micro tips deliver hyaluronic acid, peptides, and vitamin A straight into skin to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Pro-tip: apply at bedtime every other day and remove in the morning for maximum benefits ? @sephora#drjart #focuspot #darkcirclesdisclaimer: model wearing makeup – apply on clean skin

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Top of the class ? Ceramidin Liquid is a lightweight moisturizing toner that preps and nourishes skin with our 5-Cera Complex. @sephora #drjart #ceramidin#ceramides

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#regram @knowtoglow “@drjartCicapair cream helps your skin chill out by nourishing with calming ingredients A great cream for sensitized, red skin and can also be used as an after-sun.”

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?PM mood: Treat imperfections overnight using our Focuspot™ Blemish Micro Tip Patch ?AM mood: Neutralize redness and keep your skin protected all day long with our Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment, SPF included ? #drjart #focuspot#cicapair #tigergrass @sephora

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How have your pores “bean” this summer? ? Try our Shake & Shot™ Rubber Pore Minimizing Mask with Black Bean to snapchattantly tighten up pores and detoxify your skin. @sephora #drjart Model: @vbiancav

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“Such a good feeling to have an empty (and a backup!) of a longtime fave ?” Double tap if you agree! #regram@hannahjo__19

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#regram @the_top_shelf_edit . . . “Everyone knows that @drjart is the moisturizer expert, from buildable hydration in the Water Drop lotion to the deep healing nourishment of the Ceramidin Cream, just about any skin type can find a moisturizer tailored to their needs. We love Water Drop for hot spring/summer mornings, and Ceramidin for night and winter use. BUT. You might totally be missing out on other Dr. Jart+ products, including their new Focuspot Microtip Patches! These little gems are small patches made of varying concentrations of hyaluronic acid and specific vitamsnapchat to basically dissolve once adhered to your problem area, allowing the ingredients to effectively reach deeper layers of skin. There are four options to choose from, and they include: Blemish (active ingredient: Vitamin B3) Dark Circle (Vitamin A) Line & Wrinkle (Vitamin E), and Dark Spot (Vitamin C). So far, we have tried the Blemish and Dark Spot Focuspot Microtip Patches and we are very pleased with both. It’s important to keep in mind that these are not going”

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Skin’s drink of Micro Water gently removes makeup, dirt and excess oil to cleanse in the morning or at night. Swipe on with a cotton pad for easy cleansing. ✨ Shop Dermaclear at @sephora. #drjart

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Summer skin refreshment ? An oldie but a goodie, our Water Fuse Hydro Sleeping Mask works for all skin types to help remove impurities with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and restore optimal skin condition overnight. Hit the link in bio to explore at @sephora. #drjart

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Cicapair aka our Tiger Grass collection was formulated to soothe irritation and reduce redness. ? The Cicapair Serum, Cream and Nightly Re.Pair Mask each have calming benefits that help bring skin back to its best self. ? (Nightly Re.Pair Mask available only on drjart.com) #cicapair#tigergrass

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Designed with anti-aging properties, our classic Premium BB SPF 45 hydrates, protects and camouflages skin in one easy step! ☝️ Tap the link in bio to explore @sephora. #drjart

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Despite the snapchat outage, we’re still fighting to grace your feeds with V7 Antioxidant Serum’s silky, dual-phase texture. ? Click the link in bio to discover at @sephora! #v7

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Drop any yellow emoji in the comments if you can relate to this photo ? #regram @skintcare#ceramidin

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Feed skin with its daily dose of vitamsnapchat B3, C, F, K3, B5, E and H with our V7 collection. Explore @sephora! #drjart

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Skin goals ? @theninaveesoothes and corrects her skin with our cult-favorite Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30. #regram

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A summer go-to ☀️ Refreshing Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer bursts into tiny droplets before absorbing into the skin for added radiance and ample hydration. Tap to shop ?

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Weekend skincare made better with Dermaclear ? Apply our Micro Milk Peel to gently dissolve dead skin cells within a minute and cleanse with Micro Water to finish! ✨ Tap to explore! #drjart

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We use serums to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients into the skin. ☝️ In the case of our V7 Antioxidant Serum, a chock-full of antioxidants and essential vitamsnapchat penetrate skin to protect and brighten the complexion. ? Tap to shop now on our website. New subscribers receive 20% off of their first order. ? #drjart

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The essentials ? Calming redness and irritation is no longer Mission Impossible with our Cicapair Cream, Color Correcting Treatment and Nightly Re.Pair Mask. ? (Nightly Re.Pair Mask available ONLY on dr.jart.com!) #drjart #cicapair

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#regram @yasminekenawi “I’ve started using @drjart Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment everyday after moisturizing and it has evened out my skin tone and neutralized all my redness. I always get super red in my T-Zone area and I’m so happy to find a [product] that soothes it completely!” ? #drjart #cicapair

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Today’s #TextureTuesday spread. Which one is your favorite? ?

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Treat yourself ? Shake and apply our NEW V7 Antioxidant Serum before moisturizer to feed and protect skin with seven essential vitamsnapchat. @sephora #v7

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Holding onto the necessities ? Our Dermaclear Micro Foam cleanser gently removes all dirt, makeup and excess oil without stripping skin’s natural moisture. #regram @slappy.beauty

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Pictured here ➡️ Focuspot Blemish Patch (green micro tips) + Focuspot Dark Spot Patch (blue micro tips). The 24 #microtips on each patch are self-dissolving, dried hyaluronic acid cones infused with vitamin B3 and vitamin C (respectively). The micro tips on all Focuspot patches painlessly deliver stubborn blemish- and dark spot-fighting ingredients deep into the skin to visibly improve concerns within 2 hours of application. Best results shown with repeated use. ✨ Explore now at @sephora. #focuspot #drjart

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Stick on our Focuspot Dark Circle Patch overnight to visibly improve darkness under the eyes ✨ Tap the link in bio to explore @Sephora.

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#regram @juliana_narvaez . . . I recently tried Dr Jart #FocuspotDark Circle Micro Tip Patch to help improve the look of my under eyes. I stick them at night and remove them in the morning for better results. @drjart dissolving micro tips act as a micro-channel to aid the delivery of active ingredients such as 72% hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and nourishing Vitamin A. It’s safe for sensitive skin and delivers similar results to clinical micro-needling in the comfort of your home. Product is now available at Sephora. Let me know your thoughts if you try them ✨

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Your skin’s daily dose of vitamsnapchat ? Our NEW V7 Priming Moisturizer preps the skin for smoother makeup application while nourishing skin and delivering antioxidant benefits ✨ Shop @sephora! #drjart #v7

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Mega Colombian influencers @calleypoche show us their easy #skincare routines using their @drjart faves! Calle’s Routine? + Rubber Lover Hydration Mask + Ceramidin Cream + Premium BB SPF 45 Poché’s Routine? + Dermask Porecting Solution Bubbling Charcoal Sheet Mask + Cicapair Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum + Cicapair Tigher Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 All of @calleypoche’s faves are available now in Colombia at @blushbaroficial online and in-store! #regram @calleypoche

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The most gentle acid exfoliator you’ve ever seen ? Swipe on our updated Dermaclear Micro Milk Peel formulated with hydrating coconut water, bacteria-fighting dead sea salt, plus AHA, BHA, and PHA to dissolve dead skin cells and balance skin. Tap the link in bio to shop now @sephora! #drjart#dermaclear

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#regram @ohthewerewolf “NGL but the faces on these kinda weird me out but I’ll try anything @drjartonce. I tried the purifying mask (blue one) Friday night. The texture is super weird at first. A mixture of Elmer’s glue and…something else. As it dried down it didn’t tug at my skin and was fairly comfortable. My face did seem pretty clear and smooth after washing it off. Normally masks that you peel off leave me a bit red but my skin tone was even after this one. I did enjoy this (besides the texture before it dried) and would love to see the ingredients in a wash off mask or a serum (I’m a sucker for kale and spirulina as ingredients).” We always love reading your candid reviews. Share your thoughts with us by tagging @drjart in your posts! ✨


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