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3天 之前
Who wants to sponsor me? I’m pretty sure I stood up for three minutes without eating it. I’ll ride for free stickers, beer and T-shirt’s. #ilikelakes #wakesurfer#jawsruinedmylife#pileofawesome#iremembermyfirstbeer

3天 之前
My beer pass off skills remain strong

6天 之前
I’ve always secretly wanted to be cool enough to have one of my songs played on coffee house. This morning that happened. Day made✅

7天 之前  P!nk snapchat
This very very special human has her book out today!!!!! I love good ones!!! Xo @jenpastiloff

8天 之前
When mom embarrasses you at your own birthday party. Thanks @tmpstacademy for the best birthday party ever, and thanks snapchat for knowing exactly what leggings I needed to buy. ???

9天 之前
Willow Sage. There are no words for this feeling, this love, this gratitude, this wonder. Happy Birthday Baby Girl. ❤️

12天 之前
Is it Thursday?! TBT 2000 ish

13天 之前  P!nk snapchat
Covered in dog ?

14天 之前
I’m so proud of my family. Memorial Day. Every year they march for the fallen soldiers that she cared for and he fought with. I salute you all. Wish I could’ve been there to march with you Daddy-Sir. #gonebutnotforgotten

19天 之前
I love you Julia Michaels. You are a force to be reckoned with. Thank you for sharing in this adventure with us. Having written songs with you has made me a better songwriter. I absolutely adore you and everything you stand for. I can’t wait to watch you do everything you will do.

20天 之前
Gratitude for all y’all. Night two MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. And the end of the US Tour. #gratitude #hurts2bhuman#beautifultraumatour#goodthingscomeinthrees#imissyoualready#85showslater #magic #grateful

20天 之前
Tonight. Madison Square Garden. One of my absolute favorite songwriters, favorite voice, and person. Chris Stapleton. What an absolute honor to share a stage with you my friend. ‘Love me Anyway’

21天 之前  P!nk snapchat
7th Madison Square Garden tonight!!!!! I’m comin for Billy Joel’s record! (103 to go) should only take me two more lifetimes ❤️?? I LOVE NEW YORK CITY

22天 之前
Do you love it? #celebrategoodtimescomeon

23天 之前
Merci beaucoup Montreal. Thank you for waiting. Two magical nights that I will never forget. We exorcised some shit tonight. #abientot

24天 之前

26天 之前
Alabama @GovernorKayIveysigned the most extreme abortion ban since Roe v Wade. This isn’t a coincidence — it’s part of an attempt to ban abortion outright. And it isn’t just an attack on Alabama women, this is an attack on everyone who might or can get pregnant. #StopTheBans · 25 white, male legislators in Alabama voted to take away women’s health and rights. This bill – could jail doctors for life just for providing care – would put women’s lives in jeopardy – makes NO EXCEPTIONS for rape or incest #StopTheBans#waronwomen#MYBODYMYCHOICE#CHOICE#isupportplannedparenthood??#aclu

26天 之前

26天 之前
Welcome to the real life HANDMAIDS TALE!!!

30天 之前
Happy Mother’s Day. I hope I can be as fun as her as I get older. We’ve been through a whole lot together, and at this stage of my life I understand her more than I ever have. I respect her, she makes me laugh and she’s there when I need her. My mama, The jitterbug queen. I love you more


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