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A beautiful portrait of our home by @meaganillustrates ☀️?

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Nature appreciation. #Apollo11at50

Cooper Hewitt

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Today is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. This bed cover from our collection sure looks cozy. Ironically, it was extremely difficult it was to sleep on the Apollo 11 mission. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were wide awake on the Sea of Tranquility in the Lunar Module. They were uncomfortable in their space suits, and their cabin was illuminated by bright sunshine. Nothing was provided to facilitate sleeping in the cramped space. So much for “Goodnight Moon!” #Apollo50

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A rhino in the design museum? On view in #DesignTriennial, @daisygsnapchatberg’s The Substitute is a CG animation and visualization of the extinct male northern white rhino created by The Mill, with behavior based on research by DeepMind. ?Thomas Loof

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@juilliardschool alumnus @chimyonthebass leads his jazz quartet alongside a string quartet in a “four by four” configuration this Thursday at Cocktails at Cooper Hewitt. ?: Link in bio. Cocktails at Cooper Hewitt begsnapchat at 6 p.m. Arrive at 5 p.m. for a complimentary curator-led tour of Nature—Cooper Hewitt #DesignTriennial.

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On view in #DesignTriennial, Fantasma by @another_farmprobes the intersection of fashion and biotechnology. In collaboration with Japanese scientists and weavers from the 300-year-old Hosoo textile manufactory, the team creates garments from transgenic glowing silk, made by injecting silkworm eggs with jellyfish or coral DNA. Explore fashion, new materials, and biotechnology with our curators every Tuesday and Thursday in July (link in bio). ? Thomas Loof

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A poetic meditation on biodiversity, Curiosity Cloud designed by is one of 62 designs now on view in #DesignTriennial. Admission to Cooper Hewitt is pay-what-you-wish every Saturday, 6-9 p.m. ? Thomas Loof.

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@WyssInstitute Selects opens today. Founded in 2009, the Wyss Institute is a world leader in #biodesign engineering. For the exhibition, the Wyss Institute conceived of the theme of Biofuturism, and selected works from our collection to describe the progression of ideas, objects, visions, and collaborations throughout history that culminated in this new approach to the science of design.

Cooper Hewitt

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@tomgolddance in the house for Cocktails at Cooper Hewitt! Tonight, stay out of the ? and sip cocktails as the world-renowned company performs a new ballet snapchatpired by #DesignTriennial.Explore our galleries, including the illuminating snapchattallation Curiosity Cloud designed by, through 9 p.m. ?

Cooper Hewitt

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In Nature—Cooper Hewitt #DesignTriennial, a sound like the plinking of raindrops greets you as you immerse yourself within Curiosity Cloud designed by The snapchattallation features a curtain of oversized incandescent lightbulbs that illuminate as you investigate the lifelike robotic snapchatects flitting within. ?? ? @scottruddevents

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What if there was a butterfly garden outside your window? Monarch Sanctuary, a full-scale prototype developed by @terreform01, is on view in Nature—Cooper Hewitt #DesignTriennial. The project proposes transforming building facades into vertical refuges for the at-risk monarch butterfly. Just announced: @architizer has recognized Monarch Sanctuary with an A+ Award for #Architecture Plus Climate Change.

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What plant’s name means “food of the gods?” The cacao tree, of course! The seeds (or cocoa beans) of the tropical Theobroma cacao are used to make chocolate liquor, cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and chocolate. Don’t take a bite out of the non-edible portion of the plant depicted in this 19th-century flower model: it’s strictly eye candy. Now on view in Nature by Design: Botanical Lessons, on loan from @amhistorymuseum.

Cooper Hewitt

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Behind-the-scenes with @tomgolddance in rehearsal for their Cocktails at Cooper Hewitt performance this Thursday in our Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden. Link in bio for tickets!

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Leaping into our Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden this Thursday, @tomgolddance will bring the past, present, and future of classical dance to Cooper Hewitt. ?: Link in bio. Cocktails at Cooper Hewitt begsnapchat at 6 p.m. Arrive at 5 p.m. for a complimentary curator-led tour of Nature—Cooper Hewitt #DesignTriennial.

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@tomgolddance rehearsing “Traveling West,” a new work snapchatpired by our #DesignTriennialthat will premiere next Thursday at Cocktails at Cooper Hewitt! #ContemporaryBallet

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Now on view in #DesignTriennial, @Michelin’s Visionary Concept tire is snapchatpired by the structure of coral and is completely airless!

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This U.S.A. Table manufactured in 1993 was designed by Dan Friedman (American, 1945–1995). The size of a small side table, this miniaturized depiction of the continental United States straddles the boundary between functional furniture and sculptural object. The molded plastic form was produced in red, white, or blue by the Paris-based contemporary furniture gallery Neotu. #DanFriedman#FurnitureDesign #4thOfJuly#CooperHewitt #Design

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Bandanas, like the paisley motif they commonly feature, can be traced back to India. Indian tie-dyed silk scarves were the snapchatpiration for the patterned handkerchiefs that later became symbolic of the American West. This design, manufactured by Elephant Brand in the first half of the 20th century, is now on view in Nature by Design: Paisley.

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RG ? @alexystaylorhewitt The magic of the Magis Spun Chair is that it never tips over—even if it really, really feels like it might. #ThomasHeatherwick

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What an amazing night! Thank you to all our guests who brought your energy (and dollar bills) to Cooper Hewitt #Pride Night: @bushwig. THANK YOU @horrorchatanyc, @iamwestdakota, @itmagenta, @spookytoots, @jenn_drole, @reignofdynasty, @angelicasundae, and @mr.mpleasure. Extra ? to @djhannahlou for joining us on your birthday—may all your wishes come true. Have a happy, healthy, safe, and empowering #Pride2019 weekend everyone. If you’re at the parade this weekend, keep an eye out for the folks marching in rainbow Cooper Hewitt t-shirts! ? #Stonewall50

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@jenn_drole’s next-level moment in our Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden. Cooper Hewitt #PrideNight is tomorrow, June 27. Link in bio for tickets. #NYCPride

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Illustrated guide from @wwdhighlighting things to do and see around #Stonewall50, including Cooper Hewitt #Pride Night this Thursday (? link in bio).@thestonewallinn@cubbyholebar @nypl@biggayicecream @piecesbar@wspconservancy#StonewallNationalMonument#StVincentsTrianglePark ? @astclaire ?@maxinesleep

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Your sparkling water habit—with a twist. From sustainable straws to glassware scientifically proven to enhance your beverage, #StayHydrated with design from @shopcooperhewitt.

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Cooper Hewitt Pride Night is here! This Thursday, we’re handing the keys to our Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden to @horrorchatanyc, co-founder of @bushwig, for a night of DJ sets and performances you won’t forget. Shout out to @iamwestdakota, @itmagenta, @spookytoots, @jenn_drole, Dynasty, @djhannahlou, @angelicasundae and @mr.mpleasure. Link in bio for tickets. #Pride2019 #NYCPride

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“Alvin Lustig designed numerous book covers for @ndpublishingover the course of his prolific career, including several for Tennessee Williams’s plays,” writes @artwinewhimsy in the post “A Teetering Trio in a Pastel Void” on our Object of the Day blog. “Lustig’s modernist designs, characterized by their dramatic simplicity, contrast with the voluptuous poetry and unapologetic melodrama of Williams’s writing. For this cover for A Streetcar Named Desire, Lustig choreographed a three-way dance between stick figures. Their limbs curve with balletic grace, then snap into modernist rigidity, evoking the tension between the play’s three principal characters.” More at the Object of the Day link in bio. #TennesseeWilliams#GraphicDesign #BookCover#DesignHistory


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