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4天 之前
Had a great time over #BETWEEKEND Felt like a high school reunion where everybody grew up and did aiight for themselves. Lots a positivity and good people all weekend long. Now I know this is LA so like 25% of it might’ve been fake. But not all of it. Thank GOD for a #GOODBROTHER@goodbrothermusicgroup@vonsmith1 @rayvnofficial@dannyvictor1 @oneelijahkelley@thekevinphillips@bhowardofficial @1j.silver if I missed you it’s because I don’t know your IG or that I was a lil’ high and genuinely forgot you were there??Ether way I love you just the same. My #GOODBROTHERS?

7天 之前
This sh*t was fun as hell!? @diallo LET’S GOOOO!!! Look our for SHERMAN’S SHOWCASE @shermansshowcase 7/31 10pm on IFC @ifc *Check for the lead singer of “GALAXIA” #DatBoyGood#DatBoyGotAFuture#PantsALilTightTho

9天 之前
???Styled By: @apuje Hat: @hollywoodhatters Jacket + Pants: @undercover_lab Shirt: @givenchy Shoes: @louboutinworld Jewelry: @davidyurman

11天 之前  NE-YO snapchat
HAPPY BDAY TO THE REALEST!! My friend, my fellow songwriter, my kid’s “tee tee” my sister. I love you. Happy bday @nikki_loraine ❤️❤️❤️

14天 之前
EXCITED to announce that I will be joining the @fit2beitofficialfam!! I have a huge passion and dedication for living a healthy lifestyle and I want to be able to bring that to all of you. Be on the lookout for what we’ve got in store.. ?

16天 之前
QUALITY. @the_bomb_digz Nuff respect.

16天 之前
Much love to all the young men receiving real life lessons at the #SteveHarveyMentoringProgramLove to all the mentors and volunteers. The best thing we can do for the youth is show up. Give time and attention. Heroes. Respect.

19天 之前
Wow… time truly has wings. Feels like we brought you home yesterday. HAPPY 1 YEAR ROMAN ALEXANDER RAJ SMITH aka “RORO” aka “MY LIL’ BOP BOP” Daddy loves you!!!

20天 之前  NE-YO snapchat
Yo like WTF is wrong wit us? And by “us” I mean people. Not white people, not black people, HUMAN BEINGS.#SudanMassacre#TheShitWeMakeImportantVersusTheShitThatISIMPORTANT#TiredOfWhatWeDoToEachOther#ItAintLikeWeDontALLGottaLiveHere#CantNobodyLeaveThisPlanetYet#SoonAsWeCanThoMeAndMineGoingToMars#ImOverHumanBeings

20天 之前
I don’t know what happened guys??‍♂️ Was excited to perform for you and en route to the venue I was told it had been shutdown. @whitejeddah_official Guess we’ll try this again another time fellas. Much love to the fans. Sorry guys. #whitejeddah

20天 之前
What’s for me is for me. What’s for you is none of my concern. #NoCompetition??

21天 之前
So @nikki_loraine and @itscrystalsmith took the kiddos to the studio and this is what happened❤️❤️? I knew they had it in them!! GREAT JOB GUYS!!❤️❤️❤️ #Madi #Maso#SJ #Liam #TheCoolKids

22天 之前

24天 之前
Should you happen to miss myself and the lovely @realtamiaworld FRIDAY in HOUSTON @arenatheatre no tears?. You can catch us SATURDAY in DALLAS at #MusicHallAtFairPark? See you there!

24天 之前  NE-YO snapchat
NEW DATE!!!! See you soon HOUSTON!!

25天 之前
You are art. @itscrystalsmith ❤️???❤️

26天 之前
Get em’ sis. @candiceboyd#OffMyChest #SangLilBlackGirl???????????

28天 之前
WOW. I listen to and appreciate every cover that’s done of one of my songs. I love my fans for this absolute honor. This is AMAZING! Much love to @leroysanchez thank you for showing one of my babies so much love and respect! KEEP EM’ COMING GUYS!! I’m gonna start posting the ones that are incredible. If you’ve heard one or saw one that I might’ve missed, post it using #neyo for me. ❤️❤️❤️???????

1个月 之前

1个月 之前
PULL UP!!!! WOD SEASON 4 IS A GO! Got what it takes? See you there!


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